Welcome to Green Plains Picks & Packs.

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Welcome to Green Plains Picks & Packs

5+ Years of Experience in Serving the Needs of Our Customers

Our Mission

To be a market leader, providing quality produce and products and expertise throughout the whole agriculture value chain while ensuring that we play our part in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

To bring quality produce to our customers: We will harness our knowledge and skills to provide clean and healthy agriculture produce and products to all our customers.

To enjoy a healthy body, you must eat lots of organic foods!

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We Believe That:

• Agriculture value chain is key to achievement of sustainable development
• Our most valuable assets are our skilled human resource and our customers.
• Innovation, creativity and agribusiness support
• Research & Development
• Corporate social responsibility is intertwined with business growth
• Respect for the environment
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About Us

Green Plains Picks & Packs was born out of vast travel experiences by the board members who felt that there was need to share the fresh and quality farm produce from Africa with the rest of the world.  The partners decided to start off with UAE market with a vision of expanding to the rest of the global market. The company has its head office in Nairobi with major connections with farmers in all parts of Kenya.

Our Commitment

To improve lives by ensuring a continuous supply of clean and healthy agricultural produce

100% Organic

Our produce is grown naturally and is fresh from the garden.

Our Service

We are a fresh produce exporting company. We farm and work with farmers by providing technical support and training to ensure quality horticultural production. Our core business is to work through the whole agriculture value chain and bring real growth to our farmers while ensuring quality for our customers.

We ensure stringent compliance with the international standards such as Global GAP by applying modern and innovative technology, ensuring high quality control in picking, sorting and grading of our produce. We only export the best quality produce. Customer satisfaction is our business.

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